THE BIBLE is the Word of God. God gave it to mankind to know the truth of the True and Living God, believe,read, understand, and obey. Every Christian should read the Bible and seek to understand it. Regular reading, accompanied by prayer, study, and the Holy Spirit's guidance, will produce stronger faith and obedience in every aspect of Christian life.

The LBC King James Bible Online is designed to leverage internet readers and website members gain useful and godly biblical principles through the understanding of the Bible. The intention is to make God's Word accessible immediately to the reader where his understanding is cultivated as well as speaking acquintance with Bible backgrounds, the great doctrines of Christian faith, and thus, witnessing and proclaiming God's gift of eternal life and salvation to others will be much more effective.

The Bible alone is the infallible Word of God. Thus, I do not lay claim to infallibility for the outlines, the introductions or the notes. This website is dedicated to God for His glory. May He use it to help the reader understand His Word and grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

To Him All The Power, Glory and Honour,
Lighthouse Baptist Church